Rating: ★★★★★

Address: 10/F, The L. Place, 139 Queen’s Road, Central 中環皇后大道中139號The L. Place 10樓

Telephone: 2555 9100


The last time I wrote a review on L’altro was in 2013 (you can read it here), and I absolutely adored the dishes created by Michelin two-starred French chef Philippe Leveille, which are Italian dishes inspired by French culinary techniques. Fortunately for me and my stomach, chef Philippe is currently in town again until this Friday (5 February 2016), and I can find no reason at all not to try out his 9-course “Special Dinner by Chef Philippe” tasting menu!

(1) Our exquisite meal starts off with some canapés – grissini stuffed with mashed potatoes and chorizo, which are crispy and utterly addictive, cherry tomatoes stuffed with ricotta cheese and olive which has a cheesy, delicious filling and deep fried risotto balls which are moreish.


(2) The cannolo with smoked, ricotta cheese, marinated scampi with lime and yuzu vinaigrette is startlingly tasty. The smoky flavour is strong in an attractive way, and the ricotta cheese turns out to be wonderful match with the sea-fresh scampi.


(3) This dish is simply called “bread, butter and anchovies” but the taste is far from simple! The bread is deliciously buttery and the anchovy goes very well with it.


(4) This olive oil poached cod, cod milk and gazpacho sorbet is picture perfect, and shows off chef Philppe’s skills in creating some of the most beautiful dishes I have seen. Taste-wise, it is also outstanding – the gazpacho sorbet helps balance out the fatty cod fish, and the deep fried cod fish skin tastes amazing.


(5) This hand made black spaghetti “Splash”, roasted squid, burrata, mint-lemon oil boast the prefect al dente texture, and the roasted squid is chewy and enticing. I love eating spaghetti with tongs!


(6) The roasted venison tenderloin with traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena is gorgeously juicy and tender and has a deep meaty flavour. On the side are chef Philippe’s mash potatoes “the way I used to do when I was a kid”, which is less creamy and buttery than what you normally get in fine dining restaurants, and more coarse and rustic with sprinkles of salt and herbal flavours. The beetroot chips are fantastic too!


(7) The chocolate cereal and mascarpone “Cappuccino”, warm espresso emulsion is well made and has all the right flavours in it. I just have a tiny spoonful though, as I cannot drink coffee or eat caffeinated desserts in the evening.


(8) I am simply incredibly excited to have the secret recipe gelato “Miramonti l’altro” again, as the gelato is unbelievably creamy and light and tasty. Usually it is served with a hot chocolate sauce which I absolutely adore, but for this menu, they are served with warm strawberries which have a beautiful, mellow taste which perfectly complements the gelato.


(9) Just when I think the meal cannot get any better, we are brought these hot madeleines and they are so amazingly crispy on the surface and deliciously buttery. Last time I had madeleines this good in Hong Kong was at Liberty Private Works (now closed- my review here), but the one at Liberty Private Works are lighter and fluffier and less traditional than these ones.


You have no reason to miss out on this delicious meal! I hope chef Philippe comes to Hong Kong again soon, as I am missing his wonderful concoctions already!