Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: G/F, 208 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan 上環荷李活道208號地舖

Telephone: 2549 0208


Those who know me well, or have been reading my blog, would know that I love Italian cuisine. I have recently written a review on Osteria Felice, which is a new-ish Italian restaurant in Admiralty, but let’s not forget 208 Duecento Otto, the Italian eatery on 208 Hollywood Road most famous for their fantastic pizzas.

The restaurant is operated by the JIA Group, which also runs other renowned restaurants in town including 22 Ships, Duddell’s, Fish School and Mak Mak. The kitchen is helmed by executive chef Michael Bolam, a creative and passionate chef who came from Melbourne in Australia and was named the Runner Up in Time Out Melbourne’s Chef of the Year Awards and also received Australian Good Food Guide’s very prestigious and iconic Chef Hat Award for two years.

Given how many restaurants there are in Hong Kong, I haven’t stepped foot in 208 Duecento Otto for many months already, but their newly revamped menu lures me here again.

(1) Our meal begins with some delightful fig, curd and vincotto crostini. This bite-sized snack is delicious and appetising.


(2) I decide to order the Rosita cocktail, which has a rather strong tequila kick and is lifted by the scent of grapefruits.


(3) These pumpkin panzerotti are oozing with mozzarella and drizzled in honey – absolutely scrumptious!


(4) These whitebait fritti are gorgeously crispy and airy, and even though some of my dining companions find them not salty enough, their seasoning is just right for me.


(5) The mushroom arancini boast a beautiful outer crispiness and inner moistness.


(6) The polenta cake with mascarpone is sinfully soft, creamy and enticing.


(7) This smoked salmon, creme fraich and mozzarella pizza is simply marvellous. The pizza dough is appropriately thin, moist and most importantly a tad chewy, which adds to its overall deliciousness. The pizzas here are definitely not to be missed!


(8) I am served this class of classic Bellini which is well adjusted with just the right level of sweetness. I am quite tipsy at dinner though, after all these cocktails!


(9) The boscaiola pizza is delicious with a dominant and pleasant tomato taste.


(10) The Tuscan pizza almost make a few people scream with joy. Who can resist these crispy bacon and mozzarella toppings?


(11) For desserts, the warm chocolate fudge brownie is rich and sweet, just like how men should be (I kid!)


(12) The salted pear and frangipane tart is the lighter option, but just as delicious, and very well balanced.