Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: No.134, Zhongzheng 1st Rd., 苓雅區, 高雄市, 台灣 80284

Telephone: 2549 0208


It is my first time visiting Kaohsiung ever, and for accommodation, we booked “Just Sleep“, a hip hotel chain operated by the FIH Regent Group.


Just Sleep in Kaohsiung is located near the famous Wei Wu Ying Metropolitan Park and Center for the Arts, which is near Wumiao Road, and there are a number of local restaurants and eateries near the hotel. The ambience of the hotel is trendy, cozy and friendly.


The hotel operates a restaurant where breakfast is served, as well as a café called Jessicafé on the ground floor.


The hotel room is simple and chic, and we find it reasonably spacious.

The bathroom is nicely spacious, but not too luxurious.
I find the water bottles really adorable – the shape of the bottle is rectangular and slim, so it fits very well in the handbag!
This hotel is not super luxurious, but we find our stay comfortable enough and overall very pleasant. They also provide free wifi within the hotel. I would recommend this hotel as an affordable option for young people!