Rating: ★★★★★

Address: 4/F, Astoria Building, 24-38 Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀亞士厘道24-38號天星大廈4樓

Telephone: 3708 8368

I go to Bangkok every once in a while (check out my list of Bangkok restaurants here), but this doesn’t mean that I don’t crave Thai food when I am in Hong Kong! Some of the Thai restaurants in Hong Kong that I like are Mango Tree, Na Thai and Chachawan, and I also recently discovered Erawan Thai Premium, a sister restaurant of the Michelin recommended Thai restaurant Moon Thai.

The kitchen is helmed by Chef Harnskunwat Viboon (Lek), who is an award winning chef and used to work at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok and at a number of other establishments in Thailand and Hong Kong. The location is a bit tucked away in Tsim Sha Tsui and the decor is quite simple, but there is a nice outdoor terrace and the food is absolutely fabulous. Ingredients are carefully selected and freshly imported daily from Thailand, and the Thai cuisine is utterly delicious – definitely give it a try for a gastronomical treat!

The waiter gives each of us a foamy shot, which is a bit tart and very appetising.


The cocktails are buy-1-get-1-free, and I go for the Erawan Thai Premium ($68), which is beautifully presented in a glass jar. The flavours are citrus and refreshing, but the alcohol content can be a tad stronger!


(1) The Thai style eggplant with minced pork salad ($138) is served and I am instantly in love. The eggplant is soaked with flavours and the pork is naturally flavourful – the salad is tangy and completely delicious.


(2) Next, the fried tiger prawns with spicy Thai herbs ($388) is also excellent done, and is tangy with a melange of Thai herbal flavours.


(3) The fried crab with tom yum paste ($520) is not to be missed at any cost! The tom yum paste sauce is rich and utterly delectable, and each bite of crab is sensational. I am coming back just for this!


(4) Also order a portion of cheese naam bread ($58) to go with the fried crab. The cheese naan is addictive on its own, with molten cheese oozing out of it, but when dipped in the fried crab’s tom yum paste sauce, it is simply unbelievable.


(5) The pork neck with vermicelli in clay pot ($148) is a well executed, fragrant dish. The pork neck is firm and tasty, and the vermicelli is wonderfully flavourful. 


(6) For desserts, we share a dessert platter ($108) between the two of us. The pumpkin custard, which is soft and creamy, is my personal favourite! Of course the platter also includes mango with glutinous rice, which I will eat no matter how full I am!