Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, S/N, Taipa, Macau, China 氹仔 澳门 望德圣母湾大马路 澳门 中

Telephone: (853) 2881-8888


My restaurant list for Macau is always very long, as there are so many outstanding dining outlets and so little time. Zi Yat Heen, a Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant at the Four Seasons Macao, is a renowned restaurant known for their consistently outstanding Chinese cuisine and luxurious ambience.


Just like the rest of the hotel, this restaurant is elegant and inviting. In the middle of the dining area is a beautiful wine cellar with a vast collection of vintage wines.


(1) We start off with a delicate platter of barbecued suckling pig, barbecued pork with honey, marinated red jelly fish, and deep fried scallop. The barbecued meats are absolutely outstanding, and the suckling pig is cooked to perfection – the skin is wafer-thin and stunningly crispy.


(2) The steamed rice rolls with crispy seafood rolls (MOP84) are utterly enjoyable – the rice rolls are gorgeously smooth and thin, and the crispy seafood roll is freshly fried and well seasoned.


(3) These baked whole abalone puffs with diced chicken (MOP65 per piece) are little parcels of joy! The puff pastry is deliciously crispy, and the abalone’s flavours are spot on.


(4) The deep fried taro puffs with minced pork and roasted goose (MOP75) are not to be missed! The fillings are delectable and the outer layer of taro puff is expertly done.


(5) This extravagant crab claw with caviar and steamed egg white is a complete delight. The crab claw bursts with sea fresh flavours, but it is the steamed egg white, as smooth as eye cream, which is even more memorable!


(6) The Zi Yat Heen crispy chicken (MOP240), a signature of the restaurant and deservedly so, is faultless. The chicken meat is tender, juicy and moist, and shows off the kitchen’s care and attention into preparing these fine, delicate dishes.


Our meal ends with some complimentary Chinese petit fours. Love these crispy Chinese walnut cookies!