Rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 1/F, The Loop, 33 Wellington St, Central

Telephone: +852 3622 3452

WhatsApp: +852 6115 2094

I had a really bad bout of flu in December, and as the new year starts, I’ve decided to go for a quick health boost in Life Hub in Central. Life Hub is a modern detox centre that aims to improve the way we experience healthcare, by not treating the symptoms but the underlying causes it sickness.

Conveniently located on Wellington Street in Central (right across from restaurant Yung Kee), the ambience of Life Hub is relaxing and inviting.

My health coach, Shan Shan, is super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. She is a certified nutritionist, with a Masters in Nutrition from Kings College London and a Bachelor in Biomedical Science from University College London, and has previously worked as a personal trainer, written for LIV Magazine (Hong Kong’s first wellness magazine) and consulted for charity organizations like The Food Chain.

1) I did a Quick Body Scan (HK$380, 15 mins), a non-invasive scan that analyzes your overall wellness, and finds out the stressors in your lifestyle. I have discovered from this scan that my sleep quality can be improved, and Shan Shan gave me some useful health tips such as cutting down on my caffeine consumption (oops…)

2) I was led to a private room for the Infrared wrap (45 mins), which is a relaxing way to detoxify and energize your body. The infrared light is safe and natural, and the light frequency helps the detox process of cells in the body; this is also the perfect opportunity for a quick nap.

I slept like a baby, with the heavy infrared blanket weighing down on me!

3) Lastly, I finished with an oxygen aromatherapy (30 mins). The boost in oxygen is supposed to promote healing and help fight infections in your body by increasing your oxygen levels, but more importantly for me, the aromatherapy smells lovely and soothing, which helps reduce my sleep level and will hopefully give me better sleep tonight!

Life Hub also offers a range of diagnostic tests, and supplements developed by doctors that can help sooth and nourish your body, so you can continue the detox process for days after your treatment. You can find the full list of treatments on their website: https://thelifehub.com/services-therapies/